Sustainable Finance
Status Quo and Innovation

Transparency is key to fostering an understanding of green and sustainable finance – both among financial sector players and the broader public. The Cluster aims at identifying climate-related risks and opportunities as well as mapping current sustainable finance activities in German financial markets.

GSFC Sustainable Finance Status Quo & Innovation

The Cluster regards climate and sustainability-related risks and opportunities and their relation to possible effects of regulatory change as well as the physical repercussions of climate change such as damages resulting from intense weather events and rising sea levels as highly relevant.

Against this backdrop, the Cluster is undertaking a mapping of current green and sustainable finance activities on German financial markets. The framework is designed to allow comparison with other financial centres around the world with regard to the individual circumstances of the German economic and financial system. The analysis will allow the Cluster to identify further development and innovation potential.

„Eine nachhaltige Ausrichtung des Finanzsystems ist unverzichtbar; gleichzeitig bedürfen die Energiewende und der Transformationsprozess unserer Wirtschaft passender Unterstützung durch die Finanzindustrie.”

Hessischer Wirtschaftsminister, Tarek Al-Wazir