Data and Digitalisation

GSFC Daten und Digitalisierung

Data represents a central aspect of green and sustainable finance.

The aim is to add essential information on environmental and social issues as well as on aspects of corporate governance to the traditional financial indicators of companies. Expanding the information basis by the so-called ESG data (environmental, social, governmental) affords companies holistic access to the opportunities and risks related to their own business models, while helping to establish tailor-made management systems to deal with both existing and future opportunities and risks. At the same time, such reporting provides financial sector players with more comprehensive insights into corporate strategy and enables improved forecasts of a company’s value.

Within this area of action, the Cluster deals with questions relating to alternative investment strategies, the digital prerequisites for data acquisition and integration, and the fundamental starting points for sustainability and digitisation in the financial market.

„In order to stop climate change – the effects of which have long since been noticeable – enormous investments are needed. This is why we are embracing the idea of private capital also being invested according to the principles of sustainability. The Cluster aims at further promoting this movement.”

Hessischer Wirtschaftsminister, Tarek Al-Wazir