VfU – Sustainable Finance Network

VfU is the network of sustainable finance professionals. It serves as a platform to discuss, exchange and deepen knowledge on sustainable finance topics. Our members of about 50 financial institutions (banks, insurance companies, asset managers) in the D/A/CH region, not only consider sustainability a key cornerstone to further their businesses but also a societal necessity.

Our work focuses on the opportunities and obstacles faced by the financial sector in its key role of financing sustainable growth.

VfU members benefit from the following services:

Information and Networking

We provide information on current and upcoming developments of sustainable finance through different channels (website, social media, newsletter). Within our broad network consisting of financial institutions political institutions, non-governmental organizations, think tanks and many more, we gain, assimilate and share timely information effectively.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

We provide a “safe space” exclusively to our members to exchange their views, best practices and insights. This is achieved by using different forms of peer-to-peer learning (workshops, task-forces, work streams), to focus on the specific questions our respective target group aims to address.

Training and Qualification

We offer relevant and commensurate training, workshops, webinars and conferences to the interested public and practitioners, in the field of sustainable finance. We either offer training ourselves or showcase those of third parties on our portal.

Methods and instruments

Along with a scientific advisory board, we connect the field of science with business practice. Working in interdisciplinary project teams, we develop innovative methods, tools and instruments for the implementation of sustainability aspects into financial decision-making. Learn more about our recent project CARIMA – Carbon risks of financial securities and portfolios – quantification, management, and reporting based on capital market data at www.carima-project.de/en/carima/

In the Green and Sustainable Finance Cluster Germany, we see a promising center to collectively achieving a more sustainable financial system.

„In order to stop climate change – the effects of which have long since been noticeable – enormous investments are needed. This is why we are embracing the idea of private capital also being invested according to the principles of sustainability. The Cluster aims at further promoting this movement.”

Hessischer Wirtschaftsminister, Tarek Al-Wazir