Financial Big Data Cluster (FBDC)

The funded project “Investigation of the Suitability of a Financial Big Data Cluster (FBDC) for Securing Data Sovereignty in the Financial Sector” (project acronym “safeFBDC”) is part of the BMWi innovation competition “Artificial Intelligence as a Driver for Economically Relevant Ecosystems”. In the European ecosystem GAIA-X, FBDC already represents the central use case in the domain of finance. The core idea of the project is to enable the cross-organizational exchange of data while preserving individual data sovereignty. Within the proposed project within three years, new AI-based methods are to be researched, developed and prototypically validated on the basis of five domain-specific use cases.

The FBDC company aims at:

  • enabling the cross-organisational exchange of data based on decentralized infrastructure;
  • delivering the required security enhancing techniques;
  • metadata catalogue and data harmonization tools.

The cluster’s staff is advising the project on the development of analytical and data sharing tools for the financial sector. The expertise gathered in the cluster over the past years will be used to support the development of a cloud-based data platform that integrates financial data from companies, government agencies and academia.