A Sustainable Finance Strategy for DE

The GSFCG supports the German government in developing Germany into a leading center for sustainable finance.

The Sustainable Finance Strategy of the Federal Government, published on May 5 2021, sets impulses for the further development of Sustainable Finance in Germany within the framework of 26 measures. Even if the catalog of measures still lacks precision regarding the exact implementation, the GSFCG considers the strategy as a suitable basis for a continuing ambitious development on to becoming a leading Sustainable Finance center.

With GSFCG remaining closely involved in the work of the Sustainable Finance Advisory Board through it‘s management and various cluster sponsors, we are pleased to report that 26 federal government actions were derived from the 31 recommendations for the Advisory Board, which were delivered to the federal government on February 25 2021.

Regarding recommendation #26 on how a potential support structure can be conducive to the development in Germany, GSFCG, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, WWF Germany, and Bürgerbewegung Finanzwende conducted a needs assessment. The results were published in September 2021.

The Cluster looks forward to continuing its active participation on the implementation of the measures and recommendations across the entire project portfolio, to further strengthen the structures around Sustainable Finance in Germany, to promote and expand interaction with European and international actors and initiatives, and to be a reliable partner for the German government.

Scoping Project

How to proceed with Sustainable Finance in Germany? The GSFCG supports focussed needs analysis for the further establishment and development of sustainable finance structures.