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Our goal: establishing forward thinking and efficient financial market structures based on the implementation of sustainable financing strategies. Learn more

Shaping the Future – Green and Sustainable Finance in Germany 2.020

How has the sustainable finance environment changed since the founding of the Cluster? In our latest publication, we analyse the regulatory and market developments of the last two years. A national and international contextualisation also allows us to look at the work of the Cluster over the next two years.

We are the Cluster – nice to meet you…

Johannes Behrens-Türk – Head of Sustainability Management at Deka Bank

"To me, Sustainable Finance means that the days when asset managers, who have a fiduciary duty to their customers, worked within the “magic triangle” of yield, security and liquidity are over."
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Dr. Gerald Podobnik – CFO Corporate Bank at Deutsche Bank AG

"Sustainability inevitably leads to innovation, and innovation creates new jobs. This is often not factored in, but it is of immense importance."
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Kristina Jeromin & Karsten Löffler – Management GSFCG

"Our goal is to make a decisive contribution to firmly anchoring sustainable structures in the financial system through our work in the Green and Sustainable Finance Cluster Germany."
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Fields of Action

Data and Digitalisation

The GSFCG focusses on alternative investment strategies, digital premises for data acquisition and integration strategies and initiates the exchange of sustainability and digitalisation issues for financial markets.

„Eine nachhaltige Ausrichtung des Finanzsystems ist unverzichtbar; gleichzeitig bedürfen die Energiewende und der Transformationsprozess unserer Wirtschaft passender Unterstützung durch die Finanzindustrie."

Hessischer Wirtschaftsminister, Tarek Al-Wazir
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