Sustainable Finance Summit Germany 2023 – We shape transformation

This year, the Sustainable Finance Summit Germany will be held at various locations in Germany between November 6 and 16.

We are the Cluster – nice to meet you…

Change in the management team of the Green and Sustainable Finance Cluster Germany

Change in the management team of the Green and Sustainable Finance Cluster Germany as of 1 April 2023 – Karsten...
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Tatjana Helbing and Martin Justen

"Our goal is to increase the effectiveness of responsible investing and to bring the approach into wider use."
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Matthias Hübner

"For me, sustainable finance means, above all, taking into account the sustainability of a company or an asset as a...
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Cara Schulze

"Sustainability and sustainable transformation is the most important societal challenge of our time. We are facing this task together ...."
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Erik Mundinger and Markus Schmidt

What is your understanding of Sustainable Finance? How can this movement be successfully developed further and what role does Umweltbank...
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Matthias Hellstern

"It is my goal, through my work at Moody's, to support the importance of the transformation to a zero-emission world."
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Daniel Sailer

"I am driven by the conviction that finance is part of the solution to our greatest environmental and social challenges."
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Alexandra Themistocli

"In my role as Head of Sustainability, I engage in sustainability dialog with as many investors and companies as possible...
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Tatjana Gravenstein

"My goal is to anchor our sustainability strategy even more firmly and to bring it into the minds of our...
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Petra Sandner

"Already today, the way we conduct our business is led by a broad set of values that also contains important...
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Fields of Action

Stephan Nolan

Insights in our international network: Interview with Stephen Nolan, Managing Director and Head of Secretariat UNDP Financial Centres for Sustainability (FC4S)

Data and Digitalisation

The GSFCG focusses on alternative investment strategies, digital premises for data acquisition and integration strategies and initiates the exchange of sustainability and digitalisation issues for financial markets.

„In order to stop climate change – the effects of which have long since been noticeable – enormous investments are needed. This is why we are embracing the idea of private capital also being invested according to the principles of sustainability. The Cluster aims at further promoting this movement.“

Hessian Minister of Economy, Tarek Al-Wazir