European Sustainable Finance Summit 2020

The fourth Sustainable Finance Summit, which is particularly relevant in light of Germany currently holding the presidency of the Council of the European Union, will be held on 28th September 2020. The European spirit is critical to the joint establishment of sustainable financial structures.

Publication of the Cluster Action Roadmap

Our Action Roadmap will guide the pursuit of our targets and the focus within our action areas. We are delighted to publish the Cluster Action Roadmap in the context of the European Sustainable Finance Summit 2020.

Support our market analysis

How is Germany as financial centre currently positioned regarding Sustainable Finance?
What are key factors for a competitive position and advancement of the financial sector?

During the two years following the publication of the first Cluster survey, the Sustainable Finance environment in Germany has developed significantly. The GSFCG would thus like to capture and document this progress through a new market analysis. In Shaping the future – green and sustainable finance in Germany 2.020, the results obtained will be published in late autumn 2020. Apart from updating the analyses of 2018, the study will disclose the role that the results play in a European context. For the validity of the study a sound data base is essential. That is why we would like you to take part in our anonymous survey as to share your estimations related to the current standing of Sustainable Finance in Germany as financial centre.

The survey will be available until 9 October 2020 and takes approximately 15 minutes.

Thank you for your participation.

We are the Cluster – nice to meet you…

Kristina Jeromin & Karsten Löffler – Management GSFCG

"Our goal is to make a decisive contribution to firmly anchoring sustainable structures in the financial system through our work in the Green and Sustainable Finance Cluster Germany."
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Fields of Action

Data and Digitalisation

The GSFCG focusses on alternative investment strategies, digital premises for data acquisition and integration strategies and initiates the exchange of sustainability and digitalisation issues for financial markets.

„Eine nachhaltige Ausrichtung des Finanzsystems ist unverzichtbar; gleichzeitig bedürfen die Energiewende und der Transformationsprozess unserer Wirtschaft passender Unterstützung durch die Finanzindustrie.”

Hessischer Wirtschaftsminister, Tarek Al-Wazir