Overall Objectives


The members and supporting organisations of the GSFCG position the Cluster at the financial centre Frankfurt as a centre of competence and platform for dialogue of the financial sector, the aim of which is to accomplish the climate and sustainability objectives of the German Federal Government and fulfill the country’s associated European and international responsibility as a business hub. Within this context, the financial sector is supported by user-oriented research.

Network formation and efficiency

The GSFCG renders possible the concentration, availability and exchange of existing competencies and functional resources in the financial and risk management of green and sustainable finance. In addition, it promotes the collection of innovative data, which boosts the quantitative interconnection of classic financial ratios with sustainability aspects and broadens the dialogue around green and sustainable finance by involving all relevant stakeholders such as public, regulatory and political players as well as actors from the civil society.

Added value

The objective is to generate real cost advantages and efficiency enhancements among the stakeholders through the use of synergy effects in the framework of forthcoming standardisation processes – by creating a broad basis of information and exchanging best practice. On top of this, the identification and integration of new areas of intersection in green and sustainable finance is also a procedural objective, as is the establishment of joint transparency and communication structures.

Um den Klimawandel – dessen Auswirkungen längst spürbar sind – zu stoppen, sind enorme Investitionen notwendig. Deshalb setzen wir auf die Idee, dass auch privates Kapital nach den Prinzipien der Nachhaltigkeit angelegt wird. Ziel des Clusters ist es, diese Bewegung weiter zu fördern.”

Hessischer Wirtschaftsminister, Tarek Al-Wazir